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copywriting / brand storytelling

Writing about your business can feel:


  • Difficult – It’s hard to sell yourself. When you’re knee-deep in what you do all day, it's tough to turn it around and see things from your customers’ perspective. I can objectively see all your best bits, so let me write about them.

  • Cringey – Call it a stiff upper lip, call it never coming first at sports day when you were wee. But whatever you call it, we all know it can feel a bit icky to big yourself up, terrifyingly torturous to blow your own trumpet, or howlingly embarrassing to hoot your own horn. I can help you out with that.

  • A waste of time – You want to be working in your business, not on it. Who’s gonna read this stuff anyway?

     (Clue: your potential customers)

  • Struggle-tastic – Writing doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Perhaps you’re more of a visual person, or a talker. In this image-driven world, words are still key, be it coming up with social media captions, writing product descriptions for your website, or sending a customer support email to a valued client. You want expert help with that? You’ve got it.


As a copywriter, my job is to use words to help sell stuff.


It's as simple as that. And as complicated as that.


Because choosing the right words, perfecting that turn of phrase and getting the tone of voice *just so* can mean the difference between a client clicking buy now and a client clicking the x in the corner of their screen.


That's why I work closely with you to understand your brand, your services and your products to ensure we're putting the right messages across. That way, your clients know what you're all about and, ultimately, they'll want to support your business and choose to buy from you.


I’m effectively a salesperson who knows how words work – which encompasses all sorts, from buyer psychology to marketing trends. Let's be honest, you just want to give your clients great service, or make and sell lovely things. So let me take the pressure off and do the writing bit, so you can focus on delivering the best experience and products for your customers.



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