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You've written your words – home page, uni essay, job application, funding proposal, book manuscript – but you're...

  • feeling somewhat sketchy about your spellings

  • thinking your vocab's a bit vague 

  • wavering over your grammar

Getting it right is so important. Why?

Accurate copy...

  • means your writing is easier to understand

  • makes your business seem more credible, trustworthy and professional

  • can result in higher sales

  • means you can save time and avoid mistakes

Image by Jess Bailey

Let me help. With more than 20 years' real-world experience in proofreading and editing, I have an eye for detail and a brain like the Oxford Combined (remember that from school?)

Sure, you can use a plugin like Grammarly to detect your typos and pick up your punctuation, but nothing beats a skilled human proofreader for attention to detail. I use my knowledge and experience – rather than algorithms – to proofread your words. That means I can look at (and correct!) word order and technical language, as well as understand complex grammar and the context of your writing. In other words, as a human, I understand how other humans really write. A computer plugin simply can't do that. 

If you need some support with proofreading, get in touch today to see how I can help.

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