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Gain clarity on your brand’s tone of voice to create real impact on your audience

Because it’s not only about what you say. It’s about how you say it.

Want to write and talk about your business with ease and joy? Scared of sounding too bland and formal, or coming across so sassy you turn people off?

How can you use language to reflect your brand’s personality? Let me show you, with a tone of voice deep dive. Create real connection and trust between your business and your ideal customer, and put together on-brand copy that works for you and speaks to your people. 


I create tone of voice guidelines for your business based on audience research, review mining, and close analysis of what you do, your vision, values and tone of voice. You’ll end up with guidelines that will make writing and talking about your business a breeze, and a batch of key words to help drive the direction of your business and give you a boost when it comes to sharing what you do. In the guidelines, you’ll also discover real life examples of your brand’s tone of voice in action, plus I’ll create a selection of hero statements/headlines you can use on your website, social media and comms that’ll make sharing your business a joy. 


Having tone of voice guidelines in your business arsenal is a priceless asset, providing inspiration and reassurance when it comes to writing about your business in any scenario. Your investment with me is £500… So let’s get started on helping you find your voice!

"I asked Melissa for help in creating social media bios and website copy for my language school. At a crucial moment, as we moved our business 100% online, Melissa helped us to define our mission and values and take a huge step forward!

"Her writing is inspiring, creative and thoughtful and shows an intuitive understanding of our audience.

"Melissa has not only captured our ideas but helped to develop them, and delivered amazing work that we are proud to share."

Kate Maria Geoghegan

Founder of Kate Maria Languages (copywriting and tone of voice client)


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